9:00 AMSite Opens
10:00 AMCraftpersons' GreenGymnasium
10:30Morning CourtGymnasium
11:00How Armor Changed Across the Century (1.5)Classroom 1
11:00Basic ArmoringClassroom 2
11:00Sideless Surcotes and CyclasesClassroom 3
11:00Bidding the Bedes: An Introduction to PaternostersClassroom 4
11:00Brick Stitch EmbroideryGymnasium
12:00How Armor Changed Across the Century (1.5)Classroom 1
12:00Coat of Plates: The Perfect SCA Starter ArmorClassroom 2
12:00Houppelande - An Opulence of FabricClassroom 3
12:00How to Make A BycocketClassroom 4
12:00The Honorable Company of Embroiderers Guild MeetingGymnasium
1:00Proper Ornamentation for 14th Century ArmorClassroom 1
1:00The Road to Rouen RoundtableClassroom 2
1:00Decorative Embroidery on Clothes in the 14th CenturyClassroom 3
1:00Cover Thy Head: Western Hairstyles and Head Coverings from the 14th CenturyClassroom 4
1:00Intro to Goldwork (2)Gymnasium
2:00Mid-14th to Early 15th Century Arming Garments: How to Wear ArmorClassroom 1
2:00Fighting Churches: A Look at the Shape & Form of 14th Century Plate ArmorClassroom 2
2:00Decorative Embroidery on Clothes in the 14th CenturyClassroom 3
2:00Beaded Veil Edges Classroom 4
2:00Intro to Goldwork (2)Gymnasium
3:00Arming Points: Attaching European Armor from the 13th to the 16th centuriesClassroom 1
3:00Classroom 2
3:00Fabric Buttons: A How ToClassroom 3
3:00Beaded Veil Edges (Continued)Classroom 4
3:00Indigenous Regalia of the NaheoGymnasium
4:30Medieval Fashion ShowGymnasium
5:30ishEvening Court (TBD)Gymnasium
7:00 PMSite Closes